About PMC

Balance System

The PMC assessment is a step-by-step process that analyzes movement to uncover any muscle-related limitations across your body.

The private, one-on-one assessment requires regular gym clothes such as shorts or track pants and a tee shirt.

The PMC assessment is easy to understand and painless to do and in addition to a phisical activity profile questionnaire PAP-Q includes:

  • Balance and coordination testing
  • Posture analysis
  • Range of motion evaluation
  • Muscular strength testing

The PMC assessment can be easily modified to accommodate people with hearing, visual and movement impairments.

Like assembling a puzzle, the purpose of the PMC assessment is to pin-point any muscular imbalances and how they could contribute to existing or future movement limitations.

After the assessment, the PMC specialist will determine the best course of action to help you overcome your limitation(s) and regain your full strength and movement ability.

Most of the time, the PMC session will focus on 2 to 4 areas of the body, using 2 sets of 2 exercises per area.

Over time, weaker muscles will become stronger and help the entire body move more effectively and feel lighter, freer and more responsive.

Most PMC exercises use the Free-Flex hook and four types of elastic resistance bands. Other pieces of exercise equipment may also be used, such as the SynerLift Sprint Bar™, the Lower Body Balance Board and Upper Body Balance Beam.